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about kelly rossi


I’m thrilled you’re here because that means we both believe in one thing  - LOVE. And marriage (now that makes 2 things!).  My name is Kelly Rossi and as a marriage celebrant based in St Kilda I help couples celebrate their very special wedding in a way that is unique and meaningful to them.

You want someone that believes in the importance of marriage and wants to celebrate you and your relationship as much as you – because I do believe that every love story is beautiful.

You need someone that understands all the legal and logistical steps to get down the aisle, helping to tick off that ever expanding to-do list with fun and ease.  I am super organised and after running $million dollar contracts for many years, and organising my own wedding not so long ago I know all about what needs to happen – and the easiest route to get it all done!

You require someone that gets that your day is special and dedicates the day to you.  Lucky for me I have a job that pays the bills, so celebrating marriage is what I do for Love!  I only book one couple per day, that way you know I am there for you only, and if anything unforseen happens there is one less stress you need to worry about because I got you!

Your day should be as fun, light-hearted, whacky, romantic, short, sweet or tear jerking as you want. I make it my mission to get to know who you are and what your day means to you, so I can create and deliver an original and meaningful ceremony that you and your guests will not forget – for all the right reasons!

If you want a celebrant who can guarantee;

  • A relaxed and easy process from Hello to I-DO!
  • Creation of your story into an individual and unique ceremony
  • Spends time getting to know you
  • Engaging Story Teller
  • Professional & fun (now that is a combo!)
  • Let’s you be in control (but not for the boring bits)
  • Organised & on time
  • Trusted & knowledgeable with lots of ideas and material for you to choose from
  • Dedicated to making your day – your BEST DAY EVER!






I was married in my beautiful home town St Kilda and I can’t think of anything better than helping you do it too.  Or wherever it is in this beautiful land you guys have decided to make it happen.

To find out who the hell is Kelly (the Cele) check out my blog here:  http://kellyrossi.com.au/who-is-kelly-rossi