About Kelly Rossi - Marriage Celebrant

About Me

I’m thrilled you’re here because that means we both believe in one thing  - LOVE.  And marriage (now that makes 2!).

As a marriage celebrant based in the gorgeous St Kilda, I’m not here to win any awards, have the most likes or Insta followers. What gets me excited is meeting gorgeous loved up couples that just want to make their ceremony fun and fabulous as much as I do.

Every wedding still gives me the same buzz had for my very first Saturday back in October 2015. It may sound cliche, but each ceremony really is a thrill; it is the most inspiring, rewarding, best fun you can have with your clothes on job I could ever have imagined. Plus, it gets me all loved up heading out to my own Saturday date nights.

With me, you'll get a down to earth cheeky gal, who will give her heart, soul and a little bit more to make sure your big day is everything you wanted.  The laughs (and laughs), happy tears, and the telling of your spectacular story should be where the celebration starts among all your favourite people.


If you want a celebrant who;

  • Knows even though there are a million love stories, there’s only one that’s as unique as yours
  • Has the easiest route to tick off the ceremony to-do list without all the stress
  • Gives you her “Big Love” throughout the whole journey –available as often or as little as you need me
  • Gets your day is special and dedicates it only to you
  • Has the perfect combo of professional & fun 
  • Let’s you be in control (but not for the boring bits)
  • Is super organised, reliable & on time
  • Becomes an excitable “ideas girl” finding new ways to celebrate the 2 of you
  • Thinks getting all your favourite people excited on your big day as she delivers your fun and fabulous tale of love is just the best thing ever

And If you think it’s ok to be a little bit cheeky, that life is better when you’re smiling and laughing, or singing (even if it’s very badly like me), then I’m your girl.

Let’s make it happen