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Wedding week tips

Tips for a stress free wedding week

Everything is set, you’ve been DIY’ing your hearts out, now it’s time to let all that hard work come together to celebrate your first day of marriage...wedding week can get way too frantic, but my wedding tips may just keep you sane up until your wedding day.


Your wedding week

• Take time off work, you get one shot to marry your great love so give yourselves the space to enjoy it
• Eat healthy and drink lots of water, there’s plenty of time to party (the rest of your lives in fact!)
• Keep calm, and do stuff designed to destress.  Treat yourself to a massage and do the things you enjoy 
• Keep a good checklist and write your to do list each day
• Practice your kiss – it’s also a good way to destress!
• Get to bed early to sleep well (you're untired face photos will thank you for it)
Ask for help from Family & Friends
• Take time to laugh with each other, knowing you will get through this (honestly)
• Have your last date night as an un-married couple, and enjoy the moment

Your wedding day

• Drink water and Eat breakfast
• Enjoy every moment – the tears, the emotions, the special time preparing with your loved ones
• Take a moment before the ceremony away from everybody, and think about what this day means to you
• Things don’t always go to plan, be like frozen and "let it go". Worst case, you'll still be married 
• You are marrying the one you love – remember that is the most important thing when things seem hectic
• No boozing: Pace yourself – you want to remember this special moment. Note, your celebrant cannot marry you if you (or your chosen witnesses) have had too much to drink.
• If you feel nervous just take a deep breath and take your time.  I’ll be there to guide you both through it every step of the way
• Post ceremony run away and have your “holy shit” moment – it’s a thing of wonder and beauty to know you’ve committed to each other for life!
• Relax, Smile and Enjoy...this is the best day ever !!

Kelly Rossi - Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

Last modified on Thursday, 12 September 2019 14:59